About Us

About Achievers Marketing & Management, Inc.

Achievers Marketing & Management, Inc. was envisioned by President, Kimberly M. Fletcher in 2011 with the goal of promoting entrepreneurs and small businesses to marketing success. Many startup companies have small or non-existent marketing budgets to promote products and services. The goal of Achievers Marketing & Management, Inc. is to guide businesses through strategic communication tools to increase visibility, customer engagement, and successful call-to-action conversion. The customer is the number one priority with customer service being the cornerstone of any successful business. Effectively reaching your customer is one aspect, and maintaining a positive relationship will speak profits and volume in the long run.

In today’s global and instant world, it is vital that small businesses use social tools that are easily accessible to consumers and information seekers alike. Achievers Marketing & Management, Inc. will provide low cost strategies to introduce and increase visibility within the marketplace and beyond. The content, look, and feel are essential in engaging potential consumers.